My Miracle Drug

My Miracle Drug

Okay, so Vaseline obviously isn’t a drug, but it’s definitely miraculous. It has about a million different uses, and I swear by it. If there’s something that you can’t do, it might be a huge possibility that Vaseline can help you.
Take my midget eyelashes for example. Well…they were midget eyelashes. Just a swipe of Vaseline over my lashes at night, and voila! Within a month, my eyelashes grew.
Dry lips? I know I have them. It’s summer time, and I live in the middle of the desert. I have dry skin already, and my lips get chapped in a second if they aren’t moisturized. that’s why I use…Vaseline! Instead of pesky chapsticks that you have to put on ever five minutes, Vaseline stays on, deeply moisturizes those smackers, and even adds a little glossy glossy over. I LOVE pairing my Vaseline with my lipstick. I just put a little under the lispstick and my lips don’t look crusty, they look fresh and colorful!
It also doesn’t clog my pores! I don’t have breakouts very often, but I wouldn’t dream of using oils on my face, that’s an acne disaster waiting to happen! However, on those dry days, where my cheeks start to get dry and flaky i like to slather vaseline to make sure that my face isn’t dry any longer.
Vaseline is the PERFECT makeup remover. Just dab a little on the area you want to remove and rub it around, then with a rag you just swipe it off. It’s clean it’s easy…it’s a miracle.
Have you ever painted your nails and gotten nail polish all over…well, not your nail? Vaseline prevents that from happening too! If you just dip a cotton swab in the container and line the outside of your nail with the Vaseline, it is guaranteed to not make a mess of your fingers.
I hope that my readers can use this as inspiration for the philosophy that Vaseline can help with EVERYTHING. And for so cheap! Why aren’t they selling these things for a bunch? I’m sold.


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